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Susmita Biswas Sathi is an International Architectsong writersingerDirector of Guangzhou Mirage International Design Consultant Company Limited,China & CEO of Mirage Architects & Studio Mirage.Who has written songs & Screenplay on Mrittupuri: Kill Zone film,Chorabali movie song etc.Also she is the pioneer of coded Architecture in Bangladesh.

Personal life

Susmita Biswas Sathi is an International architect & the Pioneer of Coded Architecture in Bangladesh. She is also a songwriter and lyricist as well as an artist.She gained her early fame in the Bangladesh MusicIndustry & Movie from when she was fifteen. Since then she is known by her songs & screenplays with the Industry Leading Artists like Habib Wahid son of Legendary Fedous WahidHridoy Khan,Tahsan Rahman Khan,Nagib hawkDilshad Nahar KonaNancyNaumi , Xefer. Her Mother is Late Dipti Biswas and Father is Biswanath Biswas who is a businessman in her hometown, Khulna,Bangladesh.She Considers her MOTHER as the source of all power of her.


In 2016 She has been awarded Honor Code on First Nights Messiah from Harvard University HarvardX. Previously in Nov 2015, she has been awarded the degree of Social & Global Entrepreneurship from Philanthropy University She has completed her Bachelor Of Architecture from Ahsanullah University Of Science & Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh with five years of architecture course.She has always been First Class In Merit list.In 2009 she completed her Higher Secondary Certificate Examination Degree from Khulna Govt. Girls CollegeKhulna, Bangladesh with GPA 5.00 OUT OF 5.00 In all subjects (Science) Talent Grade.In 2007 She got her Secondary School Certificate Degree from Govt. Coronation Girls’ High School, Khulna, Bangladesh with GPA 5.00 OUT OF 5.00 in all sunjects with (Science) Talent Grade.

Work History

Susmita Biswas Sathi is an International Architect, popular songwriterartist, and new age women entrepreneur in Bangladesh. She introduces an advanced level of architecture in this country. She has been writing songs, poetry, and painting from her little age and gained public appreciation in her school life. Since then she is trying to make a platform for new talents. Architecture is my mainstream of the profession but I do music from my architectural point of view, co-related creative worlds I am working with.She has worked for NASA‘s projects with Mr. Chen & Mr.Song, Neil Leach inspired her and he made the introduction. Right now she is the Director & Owner of Mirage Group. Mirage Group Has four ventures, Guangzhou Mirage International Design Consultant Co. Ltd.Mirage Architects, Studio Mirage & Chemics Lab Ltd. Formerly She was the director of Foreign Trade of Crown Micro. Also, She had worked for Lumbency, China as a Senior Manager of International Business. As a Faculty she has taught in EX-IN & Northern University Khulna Bangladesh She was the Lead Architect and CEO for several five-star hotels, parametric interior designs and worked for international companies like British American TobaccoPhillip Morris InternationalThe Westin, The Olives International, Hotel Zabeer International and famous Automobile companies like UMRUNNERBAJAJHONDA, APRILIA, VESPA, and many more international companies.She was the Authorized Architect of Runner Group and made 18 numbers of automobile showrooms and service centers, two of them are in Nepal. She has made Runner VI design and the recent logo they are famous for in Bangladesh. She has also made VI of joint ventures like UM Runner with their showroom guidelines to be applied all over the world, this is now happening in many countries. Made some lavish apartments in India and Bangladesh as well. She had her Internship under Mustapha Khalid Palash.

Achivements & Awards

Jazz Urbanism by DigitalFUTURES 2018, Tongji UniversityShanghaiChina with Neil Leach

Cyborg Futures by DigitalFUTURES 2018, Tongji UniversityShanghaiChina with ZAHA CODE, under Patrik Schumacher

PFD, Parametric Façade Design by Rethinking The Future (RTF) & WeSearch Lab, BangaloreIndia in 2017, 

Introduction to paneling tools for Rhino 5 SR 11 With Grasshopper, Conducted by Robert & McNeel Corporation, Washington, USA in May 2015 

Workshop on ICONOCLASTIC TOWER, conducted by Studio-Symbiosis with Ex Architects of Zaha Hadid Architects, New Delhi, India in July 2014,

Song Release Platforms

Susmita has a strong establishment of releasing her lyrics & her songs to different Popular International Platforms like itunes,Spotify,Vevo,Deezer etc.

Popular Lyrics & Songs

|“Shopner Cheyeo Modhur,” Album: Shono By Habib(1st solo) 2006

|“Hridoyer Dor”, Album: Jhalmuri 2 by Nancy, 2007

|”All the songs of the album “Bolchi Tomakey” by Habib (2nd solo) in 2008

|”The theme song of Hridoy Khan’s second solo “BOLNA”,“Can U Hear My Scream ?”, 2009″

|“Jiggasa” by late Abid Shahriar in a solo album “Valobasar Prohor” 2009″

|https://www.music.com.bd/download/Music/M/Mixed%20Albums/Just%20Wahidz/07%20-%20Habib%20-%20Timir%20bidari%20prem%20(music.com.bd).mp3.html “Timir Bidari Prem”] in the album Just Wahids by Habib Wahid 2010

|”All the lyrics of the album “Online”(the mixed album) coordinating various artists from 7 different countries 2010″

|“Chokhe Chokhe” in a solo album “Ahoban” by Habib Wahid 2010

|“Evabe Sovabe” by Nancy in a mixed “ Shihoron ft Sajid” 2011

|“Pashe Tume Nei” in a solo album “Rong Habib ft Nancy 2012

|“Maa” by Milon Mahmood in the movie “Chorabali” released internationally 2012

|”Music Video Story of the song ‘Evabe Sovabe’ by Nancy from the album Shihoron 2012

|”First Single “Mitthe” By Nagib Hawk Released internationally in 2013″

|”Second Single ‘What You Need Tonight’ by Nagib Hawk on VEVO in 2014″

|”Third Single ‘Shesh Kotha’ by Nagib Hawk in May 2014″

|”Fourth Single ‘Chera’ Nagib Hawk ft Xefer in June 2014″

|”A Single ‘Esona’ by Nagib Hawk ft Tahsan in 2015″

|”Full album lyrics of ‘Onkota Bhul’, 15 songs by Nagib Hawk in 2015″

|”A Single ‘Valobasa ki’ duet by Susmita Biswas Sathi & Prottoy Khan 2015 Vocal, Lyrics, Music video, concept direction”

|”A Single ‘Tumi Amar Hou’ first solo song with a music video on SusmitaVEVO & MTV (international) February/2016 “

|”Valobasa ki new release with Prottoy Khan in 2018 with music video”

|”Valobasa e ki Nesha by Hridoy Khan in 2018 with official music video”

|”11 songs of Khude Ganraj and Nationally awarded singer Ratul, first song release is “Sajna” with a music video in 2020″

|”Second song release of Ratul is “Mujib Tomar Jonne” in Mujib SotoBorsho in 2020″

|”Hey Jibon, by Hridoy Hasin a song about life, tuned and written by me released in SusmitaVevo in 2020, A Susmita Biswas Sathi Production under Studio Mirage “Kanna” Shuncho Kina by Salman Sadik saif, Tune by me and my team, released in SusmitaVevo and Vevo Channel in 2020, A Susmita Biswas Sathi Production under Studio Mirage”

|”5 songs released of the upcoming movie ‘Mrittupuri’ by Jadughor/Redd Maze, she wrote Screenplay of the movie Mrittupuri, first Bengali Film entirely shot in Australia by BAZ Films., 2020″

|”She has worked as Casting Director at the production house Filmlogic 2013″

|”She has Worked as Storyboard Artist (freelancer) with Govt. projects and TV Commercials in 2013″


|“Baundule Kabya”, a mixed poetry book published by Oikko Prakashani in the Ekushe Book Fair – 2015″

|”First poetry book “Spondito Anurag” translated in English version “Vibrated Passion‟ published by Ankur Prakashani in The Ekushey Book Fair in 2010″

|“EkshoShopner Pongtimala” a mixed poetry book by Ityadi Grantha Prakash in 2008″

|”She has written in an Indian magazine “Surjosena” at the little age in 1999″

|”She has contributed several times in the“Dhupchaya”, the “Daily Purbanchal” the “Daily Janakantha” & the “Daily Prothom Alo” Appeared on different media including tv, newspapers & magazines several times.”|


Susmita has been interviewed by Ekattor TVNTV (Bangladeshi TV channel)Bhorer Kagoj,JanakanthaThe Daily Prothom Alo, etc.



News & Links

DigitalFUTURES Young Star 2019 News

Susmita Biswas Sathi has introduced coded Architecture into reality in her country, Bangladesh. Now she is researching about a more flexible solution for both humans & the space human belongs to. Susmita Biswas has two companies in Bangladesh which serve for both national & [[Design computing|international design collaboration]], research & consultancy. She generates design from the proper [[genetic algorithm]] and the [[DNA synthesis]] process. She is in Mythological Urban Research with Om.egvo,Atelier CnS..Her Agenda was “More Than Human”.

Success Stories With Prof. Neil Leach

According to the French philosopherHenri Lefebvre, everyday life in the city should be understood in terms of rhythms. Jazz, too, is made up of rhythms, forever mutating, and changing against a background condition. This workshop explored the possibility of using advanced machine learning to generate patterns and rhythms. It explored the potential of pattern recognition and prediction – which lie at the heart of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – as a generative technique to trace existing patterns and extrapolate variations on those patterns – much like the logic of jazz. The result is a form of creative jamming between humans and artificial intelligence. This hybrid human-machine modusoperandi, borrowing its fundamentals from cyborg philosophy, forms the base of the new paradigm of Extended Intelligence (EI). As Paul Tudor Jones notes, “No man is better than a machine, and no machine is better than a man with a machine.”THE RESULT IS A CREATIVE HUMAN – AI JAMMING.Susmita was able to meet the goals of Jazz Urbanism with Neil Leach, who is the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Fellow.

DigitalFUTURES Young Star 2018 News

Success Story of DigitalFUTURES 2018 with [[Zaha Hadid Architects]] ==

Digital Futures2018第一组:高速打印堆叠结构,由来自ZHA的Patrik SchumacherShajay Bhooshan, Federico BorelloTaole Chen和Xuexin Duan联合执教。 助教:ZHOU Yifan, LI Ce 小组成员: Susmita Biswas Sathi, Walaiporn Nakapan, Qiren Lu, Aiyarin Jantankaew, Chengliang Li, Chaoyu Du, Baolin Zhou, Mayuqi Liang, Yiqun Wang, Yao Lu, Alice Scolari, Davide Rizzetto, Kristof Gavrielides, Renjie Zhu, Tongxiao Shen, Yuting Lin, Weimiao Li, Yongheng Jia, Guojing Lin, Guannan Jiang, Guijia Zhao

Success Stories of Print Fast Pile High with Patrik Schumacher

Robotic large scale 3d printing with Kuka Robot is the signature technology in Fab-Union. After a tremendous amount of testing and optimization on full-size projects, both 3d layered printing and spatial printing are adaptive to various application scenarios. Fab-Union has a full set of self-developed process design & fabrication kit. The highly integrated products and fully optimized process kit guarantees the exceptional quality of the products.

== Success Stories on Affordable Parametric Design 2018 ==

As a developing country, Bangladesh does not have many practical opportunities for nonlinear or parametric design. But Susmita decided to accept the challenge and try to make a more flexible and rhythmic design with a reasonable budget. Her first project was the interior design: considering the building conditions in Bangladesh, she did not indulge in form, but only added some changes to the rectangle. Even so, this is very challenging for the client and the construction team. But she persuaded them and finally completed the project. In order to maintain the budget, she designed the entire construction process very carefully, including the use of low-cost labor, hand-made and digital custom blending, the creative use of low-cost building materials in the region, and the reuse of materials. Following the same logic, she completed a series of projects in ChinaIndia,Nepal & Bangladesh.

The Context and Solution of Low-Cost Parametric Evolution for Developing Countries

Susmita Biswas Sathi is the first designer and entrepreneur in Bangladesh to use parametric design methods. She completed her B.Arch in Oster, Bangladesh, and she has always been passionate about learning parametric architecture. And how to apply truly low-cost parametric design to interior design is the direction of Susmita Biswas Sathi’s main attack. First, she asked a question: Do people really prefer static interior design? The answer is certainly not absolute, so Susmita uses parametric design to carry out her interior projects. As a developing country, Bangladesh also has a great demand for low-cost indoor design. Susmita’s many projects completed by combining the demands of the two are also impressive.

Conference Paper

More Than Human 2019 at CAUP Tongji University

The Context & Solution of The Affordable Parametric Evolution For Developing Countries 2018 at CAUP Tongji University

Other Articles

The Westin Prego Design Proposal

The Olives Garden Poolside Parametricism, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Iconoclastic Tower on the logic of Parametricism

Parametric Design Inventory

B.Arch thesis on Runner Motorcycle Industry Renovation design in 2015

Academic Design

Renowned Singer and Director of Mirage Group Susmita Biswas Sathi Rises as the Architectural Queen

Susmita, a Parametric Designer

Parametric Design by Susmita Biswas Sathi

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