About Me

Susmita Biswas Sathi (সাথী) is an Internationally Recongnized Architect & the Pioneer of Coded Architecture in Bangladesh.Besides; she is the most popular Songwriter & Lyricist as well as an Artist of Bangladesh.
She gained her early fame in the Bangladesh Music Industry & Movie from her little age when she was only fifteen.Since then she is very common face and known for her good heart by her songs & screenplays with the Industry Leading Artists like Habib wahid, Hridoy Khan,Tahsan, Prottoy Khan,Nagib hawk, Kona, Nancy, Xefer and the movie Mrituupuri.

Sathi has been born on 18th April , 1991 in Khulna.Her Mother is Late Dipti Biswas and Father is Biswanath Biswas who is a well known businessman in her hometown, Khulna. She was born in a very traditional and reputed family.Her Mother has always been her ‘Power’.
Her Father is the President of the Watch Association of Khulna District
And a senior member of Chamber of Commerce of Khulna.Their family Business is about 50 years old.

Company History :

Coming from such a family, apart from the sector of Architecture she had a good vision of business.Firstly, she had started her own company in Bangladesh , ‘Studio Miarge’,which was at first served as a Music Prouction and Photography Agency, then gradually grew up as an Architectural Design Consultancy and Construction Company in Bangladesh tendered for more than 100 projects for Runner, Honda, Bajaj, British American Tobacco ETC. She has been partnered with Prohelica for about 11 years.Her working fields were Architectural Design, Interior Design,Copyrighting Services, Scripting, Copy Writing, Product design and Documentation.In 2017 she founded another Architecture & Construction Company named ‘Mirage Architects’.

At first,‘Studio Mirage’ & ‘Mirage Architects’ both the companies started Parametric Design and Construction in Bangladesh.Among her notable works of coded Architecture, she renovated the new interior design of The hotel ‘Olives Garden’ at Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh.Another notable parametric interior design and real built first class smart apartment she has done in Khulna, Bangladesh.

In 2018,Susmita gets an offer of work of NASA under Professor Chen.
Professor Neil Leach who is a Professor at the European Graduate School, Visiting Professor at Harvard University and Tongji University, an Adjunct Professor at the USC School of Architecture at the University of Southern California, and NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Fellow. He has also taught at the University of Brighton, University of Bath, Architectural Association School of Architecture, University of Nottingham, Columbia University, Cornell University, SCI-Arc, Royal Danish Academy of Art, Dessau Institute of Architecture, and Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and currently a professor at Florida International University.

Then Susmita was introduced to Professor Gang Song, faculty of SCUT and eventually got job in his company Atelier CnS. Her husband is a Pharmacist & Biologist. Both of them moved to Guangzhou, China for a better career in Bio-Design, interaction design as well as more advanced digital design. Susmita is also grateful to Professor Fulvio Wirz (Ex. Associate of Zaha Hadid Architects) who is a Program Leader MA Architecture and Urbanism, Head of dFUEL (Digital Fabrication Lab UEL) and Owner of Wirz Architects As He used to tell Susmita, “If a small house you make, make it in parametric ways. ”Susmita has always kept those words in mind since her Student Life.

Between 2018-2019 Susmita was the Director of Foreign Trade, Crown Micro China Ltd. And Guangzhou Lumbency lighting Co. Ltd. She is also the founder of Mirage Style World, which Deals with Fashion Items Worldwide.

In January 2020 Susmita and her husband Mr. Abhijit Mojumder founded their own Foreign Investment Company, ‘Guangzhou Mirage International Design Consultant Co. Ltd.’ In China. This company is already serving many developers, Architects & individual businessman in Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, London, NY by Consultancy, Good Quality Product Sourcing, purchase, QC & QA services and supply chain management with Shipping.

Working Experience:

Susmita Biswas Sathi is a popular songwriter, artist and new age women entrepreneur of Bangladesh. She is aiming to introduce advance level of architecture in this country. Currently she is the Owner of her Music Production Company & Creative House Studio Mirage. She has been writing songs, poetry and painting from her little age and gained public appreciation at her school life. Since then she is trying to make platform for new talents. ” Architecture is my main stream of profession but I do music from my architectural point of view, co-related creative worlds I am working with.”

January 2020- present
Guangzhou Mirage International Design Consultant Co. Ltd.
January 2020- present
Chemics Lab Ltd.
2019- Manager, International Business
Guangzhou Lumbency Lighting Co. Ltd.
2019 – Director of Foreign Trade
Crown Micro China Ltd.
2018 – 2019
Parametric Designer & Architect, Atelier CnS , China.

2018- Visiting Faculty, Parametric Design
2018- Interior Design Faculty
Exterior Interior Pvt. Ltd.

2017 – present
CEO, Mirage Architects

2015 – Present
CEO/Singer/Songwriter/Architect, Studio Mirage
Lead Architect and CEO for several five star hotels, parametric interior designs and worked for international companies like British American Tobacco, Phillip Morris International, The Westin, The Olives International, Hotel Zabeer International and famous Automobile companies like UM, RUNNER, BAJAJ, HONDA, APRRILIA, VESPA and many more international companies.| was the Authorized Architect of Runner Group and made 18 numbers of automobile showrooms and service centers, two of them are in Nepal. | have made Runner VI design and their recent logo they are famous for in Bangladesh. Also made V1 of joint ventures like UM Runner with their showroom guidelines to be applied all over the world, this is now happening in many countries. Made some lavish apartments in India and Bangladesh under this company.

May 2015 – Present
Founder Member Think Parametric,
Aug 2010 – Present
Creative Designer
Prohelica Ltd.
Architecture, Advertising & Event Management Agency
Jun 2015 – Jun2019
Research Architect Arquitectura Renovable, Bogota,Colombia.
Research & Concept Design
Feb 2016 – Present
Designer VIDA Clothing & apparel designwww.shopvida.com http://shopvida.com/collections/voices/susmita-biswas-sathi
Dec 2012 – May 2015 Founding Partner/ Songwriter
Jadughor A Boutique Music Production House, www.jadu.me
Oct 2013 – Sep 2014 Internship
Vistara Architects,
Aug 2014 – Sep 2014 Interior Designer
Nasreen Jamir & Associates
Mar 2013 – Apr 2013 Junior Designer
X-render Estudio, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2010 – 2013 Freelance
Four Storied Residence, Nowapara, Jessore . Exterior & Interior.
Sep 2011 – Nov 2011 junior Designer (Interior)
The Planners A 3000 square feet lavish Apartment in Niketan, Gulshan 1, Dhaka
Aug 2010 – Oct 2010 Real Step
Visualizer a Five Storied Residential building in Khulna


Nov 2015 – 2016 First Nights Messiah
Harvard University Harvard X (Honor Code)

Aug 2015 – Nov 2015 Social & Global Entrepreneurship
Philanthropy University

2010 – 2015 Bachelor Of Architecture
Ahsanullah University Of Science & Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Five years architecture course.
First Class In Merit list.

2007 – 2009 Higher Secondary Certificate Examination
Khulna Govt. Girls College, Khulna, Bangladesh GPA 5.00 OUT OF 5.00 In All subjects (Science)
Talent Grade

2005 – 2007 Secondary School Certificate Examination
Govt. Coronation Girls’ High School, Khulna, Bangladesh
GPA 5.00 OUT OF 5.00 IN ALL SUBJECTS (Science)
Talent Grade

Workshops & Trainings
Jazz Urbanism by DigitalFUTURES 2018, Tongji University, Shanghai, China with Neil Leach

Cyborg Futures by DigitalFUTURES 2018, Tongji University, Shanghai, China with ZAHA CODE, under Patrik Schumacher

PFD, Parametric Façade Design by Rethinking The Future (RTF) & WeSearch Lab, Bangalore, India in 2017, https://www.re-thinkingthefuture.com/

Introduction to paneling tools for Rhino 5 SR 11 With Grasshopper,
Conducted by Robert & Mcneel Corporation, Washington, USA in May 2015 https://www.rhino3d.com/

Workshop on ICONOCLASTIC TOWER, conducted by Studio-Symbiosis with Ex Architects of ZHA, New Delhi, India in July 2014,

Training on Basic 3D Modeling, Lighting & Rendering of Rhino, conducted By Zayedi Aman Ayon, lecturer of Aust in 2013
Training on Autodesk 3DS Max 10 (Modeling Advanced). Conducted by Illutionist in 2012
Training on 3DS Max, modelling & rendering by Composition design institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2011
Training on Architectural Modeling (Basic)- Google sketch up & Vray (online training), conducted by Arquitectura Renovable, Colombia in 2010.
Training on Cinema 4d , conducted by Arquitectura Renovable, Colombia in 2010.

Professional Projects :

Projects I have done:

Atelier CnS Office Work
小镇入 – 口三角地块设计方案
电商小镇 地块二

Consultant, (parametric & interior design)
Hotel Type: Five Star
Prego bar & splash
Client: the Westin (Five Star Hotel)
Budget: 45 Lakh BDT
Area: 4500 sft
Status: Complete
Location: Gulshan 2, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Olives international, interior design (parametric),
Hotel Type: Five Star
Position: lead architect (Interior)
Client: the olives (Four Star Hotel)
Budget: over 50 Lakh BDT
Area: 4500 sft
Status: completed
Location: Gulshan 1, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Luxurious nine storied residential interior design with construction
Position: Lead architect & Interior designer
Client: Deepa International & Rupsha Builders
Budget: 30 Lakh BDT each of the flats with material sourcing
By mirage architects
Area: 1800 sft each apartment
Status: Complete
Location: Heart of the greater Khulna city

BKSP shooting federation building, Savar, Dhaka
Position: 2nd consultant & 3d presenter
Client: Hamid group (Govt. Project)
Budget: 110 Crore BDT (Approx.)
Area: 450000-sft
Status: proposal phase with detailed drawing to our Prime Minister
Aim: Asia cup arrangement in the renovated building.
Type: sports building (shooting)

Projects with UM Runner Automobiles: (International UM) all UM Runner showroom design with new VI.
Budget: 30-50 Lakh per Showroom
Construction: Malibag, Shyamoli, Modhupur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Area: Each of 220-350 sft developing the UM – Runner joint venture logo. With led lighting system.

Runner Service Center: Runner Automobiles service center at Natore worth 5 Lakh BDT,
Area of: 880 sft.
Runner Automobiles Service Center at Modhupur,Tangail, Dahaka, Worth 7 Lakh BDT
Area of: 400-600 sft Sheikh Motors Service Center Design at Pabna Runner Service Center Design at Khilgaon.

Runner automobiles testing track design from my thesis Project at RND of runner group

British American tobacco projects: Factory design, Entrance gates design, print design Phillip Morris international projects: print design (logo and diary etc).

Cured vista, a parametric curved building design in Madaripur, 2015

Avro house a duplex building in Pirojpur, 2016

Merry Villa, a gothic stylized private client building in Natore, 2015-2016
Client: PRAN- RFL famous director a 7 storied residential building with all drawings and construction,
Worth: 5 Crore.
Area: 3600 sft,
3 units, Parametric influence on the building, exterior design with retro fusion.
A curved jewelry showroom in the heart of the Khulna city worth 10 lacks BDT
Avro House at Pirojpur, 2015
Rk Palace at Narayanganj, 2015
R K Spinning Millis interior, 2015
Beauty Biscuit Factory at Khulna, 2014
Four storied Lavish residence in Khulna, 2014
Five storied Apartment in Khulna, 2014
Two Interior Design with Space Planning Projects, 2013
Theme Design of British American Tobacco Events, 2013
Factory Design of British American Tobacco, 2015
Curved Vista, a five storied residence ever in the country developed on Parametric CurveConcept Madaripur, Dhaka, 2014
January 2015 (Under Construction) Five storied Building in Comilla, 2015
Three Storied Residence at Khulna, from October 2014

Documentary of Tanshir City, Dokhinachol City, Documentary & TVC of Burj Mahatir City, Burj GroupVisualization & Documentary of Green Delta Tower 3d Works & Color Grading of a Project of Green Planet Resort 2010-2013
Interior Design of two Lavish Apartments. Proposal design for Pops Showroom Visualization of five storied Residential Building in Khulna, 2010.

Archietctural Thesis Project : Redesign of Runner Automobile Factory in Valuka,Mymensingh,Dhaka. Real Site Project.

Scholarships & Certifications :
Certificate by Jazz Urbanism by DigitalFUTURES 2018, Tongji University, Shanghai, China with Neil Leach (International)

Certificate by Cyborg Futures by DigitalFUTURES 2018, Tongji University, Shanghai, China with ZAHA CODE, under Patrik Schumacher (International)

Certificate by PFD, Parametric Façade Design by Rethinking The Future (RTF) & WeSearch Lab, Bangalore, India in 2017, https://www.re-thinkingthefuture.com/ (International)

Certificate by Robert & Mcneel Corporation Introduction to paneling tools for Rhino 5 SR 11 With Grasshopper, Conducted by Robert & Mcneel Corporation, Washington, USA in May 2015 https://www.rhino3d.com/ (International)

Certificate on ICONOCLASTIC TOWER, conducted by Studio-Symbiosis with Ex Architects of ZHA, New Delhi, India in July 2014,
http://studio-symbiosis.com/ (International)

Achieved ICCR scholarship from the High Commission of India in 2011(International)
Received a full free Scholarship on Arch from Howard University Washington USA in January, 2010(International).
Certificate by Architeqtura Renovable, (International).
Certificate by Studio Symbiosis, New Delhi. (International).
Achieved merit based scholarships consecutively in seven semester sout of ten semesters by Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology.(2010-2015) (National). T
alent grade scholarship in Higher Secondary Certificate Exam, 2009(National) .
General Grade Scholarship in Sec ndary School Certificate Exam,2007(National) .
Certificate by Khulna City Corporation in 2007 (National).
Certificate by the Daily Prothom Alo in 2007(National)
Certificate by Zia Shishu Academy (National)
Jatiya Sangbardhan in 2007(National)
Certificate by the Math Olympiad in 2007 (National)
Certificate by Bengali Olympiad in 2006 (National).


Gained public appreciation at early age of fifteen with the popular singer Habib Wahid in his debut album “Shono”. From writing award winning songs to abstract motion painting to publishing anthology of poems to studying parametric architecture, have passion to create. Released songs and albums are:

“Shopner Cheyeo Modhur,” Album: Shono By Habib(1st solo) 2006
“Hridoyer Dor”, Album:Jhalmuri 2 by Nancy, 2007
All the songs of the album “Bolchi Tomakey” by Habib (2nd solo) in 2008
Theme song of Hridoy Khan’s second solo “BOLNA”, – ”Can U Hear My Scream ?”, 2009 ‘
“Jiggasa” by late Abid Shahriar in a solo album “Valobasar Prohor” 2009
“ Timir Bidari Prem” in the album Just Wahids by Habib Wahid 2010
All the lyrics of the album “Online”(the mixed album) coordinating various artists from 7 different countries 2010 “
“Chokhe Chokhe” in a solo album “Ahoban” by Habib Wahid 2010
“ Evabe Sovabe” by Nancy in a mixed “ Shihoron ft Sajid” 2011
“ Pashe Tume Nei” in a solo album “Rong Habib ft Nancy 2012
“ Maa” by Milon Mahmood in the movie “Chorabali” released internationally 2012
Music Video Story of the song ‘Evabe Sovabe’ by Nancy from the album Shihoron 2012 First Single “Mitthe” By Nagib Hawk Released internationally in 2013 Second Single
“ What You Need Tonight” by Nagib Hawk on VEVO in 2014
Third Single “Shesh Kotha” by Nagib Hawk in May 2014
Fourth Single “Chera”, Nagib Hawk ft Xefer in June 2014
A Single “Esona” by Nagib Hawk ft Tahsan in 2015

A Single “Valobasa ki” duet by Susmita Biswas Sathi & Prottoy Khan 2015 Vocal, Lyrics,Music video,concept direction
A Single ”Tumi amar Hou” first solo song with music video on SusmitaVEVO & MTV (international) February/2016
Valobasa ki new release with Prottoy Khan in 2018 with music video
Valobasa e ki nesha by Hridoy Khan in 2018 with official music video
11 songs of Khude ganraj and Nationally awarded singer Ratul , first song release is “Sajna” with music video in 2020
Second song release of Ratul is “Mujib Tomar jonne” in Mujib SotoBorsho in 2020
Hey Jibon , by Hridoy hasin a song about life , tuned and written by me released in SusmitaVevo https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5HoEx2fNIYOqHax3mjQbxw
in 2020, A Susmita Biswas Sathi Production under Studio Mirage
“Kanna” Shuncho Kina by Salman sadik saif , Tune by me and my team , released in SusmitaVevo and Vevo Channel in 2020, A Susmita Biswas Sathi Production under Studio Mirage

5 songs released of the upcoming movie ‘Mrittupuri’ by Jadughor/Redd Maze wrote Screenplay of the movie Mrittupuri, first Bengali Film entirely shot in Australia by BAZ Films., 2020
Worked as Casting Director at the production house Filmlogic 2013
Worked as Storyboard Artist (freelancer) with Govt. projects and TV Commercials in 2013

Writing poetry, – “Baundule Kabya”, a mixed poetry book published by Oikko Prakashani in the Ekushe Book Fair – 2015,
My first poetry book “Spondito Anurag” translated in English version “Vibrated Passion‟‟ published by Ankur Prakashani in The Ekushey Book Fair in 2010,
“EkshoShopner Pongtimala” a mixed poetry book by Ityadi Grantha Prakash in 2008,
wrote in anIndian magazine “Surjosena” at the little age in 1999,
contributed several times in the“Dhupchaya”, the “Daily Purbanchal”the “Daily Janakantha” & the “Daily Prothom Alo” Appeared on different media i ncluding tv, newspapers & magazines several times.

Screenplay & Movies :

Susmita has always wanted to go out of the box and explored her new dimension in writing movies, screenplay, suggested casting and editing.Her notable scrennwritings are the Movie “Mrittupuri” directed by Zayed Riazwan and entirely shoot in Australia. It’s a Crime thriller based movie.Her Another scripts are Maya, novel is “Tomake Vebe Lekha” and she has many upcoming movie as well as web series screenwriting and songs.Right now she is working with Zayed Rizwan, Director of “Mrittupuri”.Her news and press release are on her blog.

Papers & Publications:
RUNNER Motorcycle Industry Renovation Design https://issuu.com/home/published/runner_motorcycle_industry_renovati

The Westin Prego Proposal Design 2017

The Olives Garden Poolside Presentationhttps://issuu.com/home/published/the_olives_poolside_prsentation

ICONOCLASTIC TOWER With Studio Symbiosis

Parametric Design Portfolio

Susmita Biswas Sathi’s Portfolio 2016

Conference Paper :
More than Human at Tongji University CAUP,Shanghai,China DigitalFUTURES Young , 2019
Partner: Abhijit Mojumder M. Pharm.

The Evolution and Affordable solution of low cost Parametricism in Bangladesh , at Tongji University CAUP, Shanghai,China ,DigitalFUTURES Young , 2018.

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