I can hear the voices of love,

and the scream over seashore,

cheer myself up thats enough!

not to love,and no more.

But I love to see loving birds

holding hands and a walk,

and here I am handling curves,

no way to stop,not to lock.

I feel good when I smile,

feel the same when I dont,

every morning gives its own dream

my mirror can cheat but I wont.

I have been pained by crocodiles,

they may be the worst,may be not sure,

But I have my own clear sky,

those worthy pains my dreams can cure.

I love to see how people smile,

they grow up and I am on travel,

morning wishes make me versatile,

no matter on soft bed or on gravel.

its a ”I” story and its me,

Big ambitions I must see!

whats in the end,wheres the truth,

God is somewhere,paths unsmooth.

its a ”I” story and I am

a small Bengali girl,not English,

wishes of fans say ”hats off mam”

But this ”ME” is not a big fish.

I know I am crazy when I write,

know its full of just mistakes,

because its my story thats on a fight

But I am lucky enough to have bless.

Where it stops lets start from there

Where is my God, may be somewhere,

We all are digging for the gold,

but not to be greedy not to be sold!

I am the princess of my dad,

I am the back up of the whole,

I am the diamond,may be its black

But God is Bright inside my soul.

We all are good and we all are bad,

two opposites are black and white,

at the end of the day I am glad

to have the power to see my sight.

I am so blessed with what I have,

I know I have just a hollow bag,

Wishes are all just my diamonds,

stormy nights are the treasure I have.

Its the ”I” story and its so long,

Trying a bit to make compact,

at the end of the day I am that poor

simply full with diamonds in hand.

It was a time when I dare to live,

It was a time I have loved to die,

But now realise I am just Alive,

If I have died, then who wrote this ”I” ?

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