|“Baundule Kabya”, a mixed poetry book published by Oikko Prakashani in the Ekushe Book Fair – 2015″

|”First poetry book “Spondito Anurag” translated in English version “Vibrated Passion‟ published by Ankur Prakashani in The Ekushey Book Fair in 2010″

|“EkshoShopner Pongtimala” a mixed poetry book by Ityadi Grantha Prakash in 2008″

|”She has written in an Indian magazine “Surjosena” at the little age in 1999″

|”She has contributed several times in the“Dhupchaya”, the “Daily Purbanchal” the “Daily Janakantha” & the “Daily Prothom Alo” Appeared on different media including tv, newspapers & magazines several times.”|


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