DigitalFUTURES Young Star 2019

DigitalFUTURES Young Star 2019

Architect Susmita Biswas Sathi is the pioneer of coded architecture in her country, Bangladesh. She has gained entrepreneurial fame in her country in architecture and song writing. Now she is researching about more flexible solution for both human & the space human belongs to.  Susmita Biswas has two companies in Bangladesh which serve for both national & international design collaboration, research & consultancy.

Abhijit Mojumder is a biologist and parametric designer, he generates design from proper genetic algorithm and DNA synthesis process. Both of them are in Urban Research with Om.egvo, Architectura Renewable & atelier CnS.

Considering about all the challenges they have met in practice, they realized it is necessary to have someone controlling the whole process- from design to construction. They come to the idea that a ‘superman’ who understands the generative processing of design and the construction well is needed to control all of this. Also based on Abhijit Mojumder’s knowledge of biology, they got the research proposal of the superman. They will break it down to explain and explore in the talk during the workshop.


>>Pattern Design<<

Pattern design 1- ceiling design, The Olives, Gulshan 1, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Project status: completed


As a developing country, Bangladesh doesn’t have many practical opportunities for nonlinear nor parametric designs. But Susmita Biswas decided to take the challenge and managed to do something more flexible, more rhythmic and at the same time, within a reasonable budget. Her first parametric project was an interior one. Considering about the overall construction condition in Bangladesh, she didn’t go too crazy with the form, but just added some varieties to the rectangle shapes. Even this has been very challenging for the client and the construction team. But she persuaded them and accomplished it at the end.

Pattern design 2-ceiling design

Pattern design 3-ceiling design

Pattern design 4- interior design, Khulna City, 2017. 

There are up to sixteen types of automated lighting systems, 

all of which have different pattern designs with sensors hidden in the structure.

Pattern design 5 – prototype of watch


>>Urban Design<<

Bangladesh has a rich diverse culture. It is a mixture of the modern and the traditional, the poor and the rich. In their urban design projects, they always want to help the city find the harmony. In a project they utilized the old airport left area of Pakistan time into a “Utasav Uddan” which means a land of festivals echoing the many festivals in Bangladesh.

Urban Oasis

In another project, they re-stitched the roads and housing blocks, commercial areas to make it accessible for everyone to enjoy the comfort of the clean area.
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