Success Stories with Zaha Hadid Architects

Robotic large scale 3d printing with Kuka Robot is the signature technology in Fab-Union. After a tremendous amount of testing and optimization on full-size projects, both 3d layered printing and spatial printing are adaptive to various application scenarios. Fab-Union has a full set of self-developed process design & fabrication kit. The highly integrated products and fully optimized process kit guarantees the exceptional quality of the products.

== Success Stories on Affordable Parametric Design 2018 ==

As a developing country, Bangladesh does not have many practical opportunities for nonlinear or parametric design. But Susmita decided to accept the challenge and try to make a more flexible and rhythmic design with a reasonable budget. Her first project was the interior design: considering the building conditions in Bangladesh, she did not indulge in form, but only added some changes to the rectangle. Even so, this is very challenging for the client and the construction team. But she persuaded them and finally completed the project. In order to maintain the budget, she designed the entire construction process very carefully, including the use of low-cost labor, hand-made and digital custom blending, the creative use of low-cost building materials in the region, and the reuse of materials. Following the same logic, she completed a series of projects in ChinaIndia,Nepal & Bangladesh.

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